Get Involved!

Our goal is to make 15,000 butterflies to honor the 15,000 children in detention camps at the border and to let them know that the kids in the Bay Area are thinking about them. To do this, we need your help!

We are recruiting team captains to put together teams of kids to create butterflies. The kaleidoscopes (butterfly strings) will be hung from bike wheels and will be displayed in public places all over the country.

***Update: we have surpassed our goal of 15,000 butterflies as of 9/29/19 – but the youth leaders have decided they are going to keep making and displaying butterflies until the children in detention are free. We still need your help, and we invite you to join us.***

Butterfly Displays in your Community

You can help by making butterflies and sending them to us to display, OR you can make and display butterflies in your community. If you display your own butterfly wheels, please post your photos to instagram #butterflyeffectmigration so we can keep track of your butterflies!

How to Get Involved:

  • You can make and display butterflies in your community. Make sure to send us a photo of your butterfly wheels on display so we can keep track of all of the butterflies! You can also post your photos to instagram and tag us! #butterflyeffectmigration
  • You can make butterflies at home, at school or at work, and drop off your kaleidoscopes at one of our drop off locations, or display them in your community!
  • You can make butterflies at a butterfly event!
  • You can sign up to be a Team Captain, and lead a group of your friends, classmates, or community members in making 500-1000 butterflies. Keep reading for more information!
  • You can run a butterfly workshop at your organization or school! Click here for a workshop guide! Here’s a school flyer you can download and customize for your school.

Are you interested in being a team captain?

Who can be a team captain?

Any young person who cares about the kids who are in detention camps at the border, and who is looking for a way to help them.

What does a team captain do?

A team captain puts together a team of kids – at school, at camp, a group of friends and family – who want to work on creating strings of butterflies, which are called kaleidoscopes. Each team captain should set a goal for numbers of butterflies their team will make. We are hoping each team can make 500-1000 butterflies.

If you want to be  a team captain, please sign up here or email us at the address below so we know who you are and what school or group you are representing. That way, if another kid in your community wants to be a team captain, we’ll be able to connect you to each other.

What should the butterflies look like?

  • To make butterflies you can use sustainable materials like paper, color pages, coffee filters, etc.  Your butterflies can be your own creation – there is no one way to make a butterfly! See this page for some ideas.
  • Your butterflies should be between 2”x 2” and 6”x 6” (like between a kid’s hand and an adult hand).
  • You can make butterflies out of origami or you can use coloring pages or you can use your imagination!
  • Feel free to add your first name and age to your butterfly. If you are making the butterfly with a group/organization/school, you can add that also!

What should you do with the butterflies?

You can display butterflies in your own community! See here for details.

OR, you can drop butterflies off at one of our dropoff hubs:

  • BCHO Claremont Clininc, 5220 Claremont Ave, Oakland (ask where the butterfly dropoff box is located)
  • Destiny Arts Center, 970 Grace Street, Oakland

OR email for additional drop off sites.

Thank you! Email us with any questions!