Ideas on making butterflies

We are excited to see your butterflies! If you email us photos we will post them on our website!

How to Make Butterflies:

Watch Chloe & Gabby walk you through how to make butterflies!

Here’s a quick video from Ashley Brown in Richmond Virginia on how to make a simple butterfly. Seth added some text and slowed down a few of the steps. Thanks, Ashley & Seth!!

Finally, watch youth leader Lily show us how to make a few different types of butterflies. These are great for younger kids!

Below are some more “how to make butterfly” instructions in case you need some inspiration!

EASIEST (may be better for younger kids):

HARDER (may be better for older kids):

Stringing Butterflies into Kaleidoscopes: 

If you are making your own display, we recommend using string, yarn or ribbon 2 – 4 feet long to string your butterflies into kaleidoscopes. If you string 10 butterflies per kaleidoscope, it will be easier to count!