COVID Related Resources for Immigrant Communities



COVID Informational Handout in different languages: 

What You Need to Know About Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Informational Videos:



Detention Centers

Customs and Border Patrol

  • CBP will no longer process any asylum claims or detain migrants crossing the border. They will be immediately returned to the country they entered from. We have not heard of any advocacy efforts on this front. Article here.
  • In terms of flying asylum seekers back to Central American countries to seek asylum, Guatemala has refused all flights from the US for this purpose. Guatemala suspends all deportation flights from US over COVID-19

Remain in Mexico Policy (aka MPP):

ICE Enforcement

  • Attached is a really important and useful document especially for our recently arrived newcomers, with SF-specific information on ICE check-ins, court date changes, and recommendations. Spanish and Chinese versions in the public folder.
  • Additionally, ICE issued a statement on holding back on their enforcement practices during a pandemic:
  • “Consistent with its sensitive locations policy, during the COVID-19 crisis, ICE will not carry out enforcement operations at or near health care facilities, such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, accredited health clinics, and emergent or urgent care facilities, except in the most extraordinary of circumstances.  Individuals should not avoid seeking medical care because they fear civil immigration enforcement.”
  • However, communities must remain vigilant for ICE encounters regardless, due to the federal administration’s increased targeting of sanctuary cities. Consider these discussions with families: SF Rapid Response Network (415-200-1548) is up and running, 24hr hotline; Know Your Rights; family preparedness plans. (See ‘Toolkit’)


  • Please direct any families who have an appointment with USCIS or an application to submit (e.g. a “green card”) here 

Eviction Moratorium

  • On March 13, 2020, in response to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, Mayor Breed issued an Executive Order imposing a temporary moratorium on eviction for non-payment of rent by residential tenants directly impacted by the novel coronavirus crisis.  Guidance can be found at the SF Gov page in multiple languages.
  • If you are asking a family member to self-quarantine or not go to work because they are sick, please write a letter for them.  Advocate for families to get a letter from their employer if their hours have been reduced or they have been fired because of COVID-19 precautions.  The San Francisco Tenants Unionhas a fact sheet and letter template. 

Public Charge

  • At least in California, everyone, regardless of immigration status, is eligible for testing and treatment of communicable diseases, including coronavirus. Coronavirus testing and treatment is not considered a negative factor in the public charge analysis and testing is entirely free for anyone, regardless of health care coverage status or immigration status. Article here.

Broader Resources