Join the Butterfly Club!

Get together (virtually) and talk about how youth are changing the world!

How to Create a Butterfly Effect Discussion Club

  • Find a group of friends who are interested in talking about youth activism
  • Ask an adult to help find a safe online video chat form (zoom, hangouts)
  • Find a 1 hour time slot that works for your group
  • You can use the agenda below as a guide to your conversation. You can use the ideas above, or you can come up with your own!
  • Email us to let us know how it’s going! Share your discussion topics with us!

Sample Butterfly Club Agenda

  • Introductions: how is everyone doing? Share one highlight from the week
  • Challenges: Share how people did with last week’s challenge
  • Video: Whoever suggested the video/topic summarizes it to remind everyone what it’s about
  • Discussion questions
    • We like having people mute themselves and talk to their families first, and then we do a larger group discussion
    • You can also use “breakout rooms” on zoom to create small groups for discussion
    • Or you can all talk as a large group!
  • Share the challenge for the week
  • Agree on who’s going to share a video and discussion questions and a challenge next week
  • Closing: Share a gratitude or something you’re looking forward to this week

Discussion Topics

Inspiring Coaches (Lily)

  • Discussion Questions:
    • What did you think of the video? What did you like?
    • Goldin paired exercise and reading. We paired art and activism. What two things would you pair?
    • Do you have someone like Mrs. Wallace in your life?
  • Challenge:
    • Give someone a book this week

Malala – Education and Activism (Ezzie)

  • Discussion Questions:
    • Malala is so brave! What do you think helps people find that bravery?  
    • What do the some groups find so threatening about girls having an education? 
    • What do you think inspired people around the world to help girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan access education? 
    • Why did Pennies for Peace work? 
    • What is similar between the Pennies for Peace Project and The Butterfly Effect?
  • Challenge:
    • Look around your house and see how much loose change you have. Consider donating it to a good cause!

Girls Garage (Linnea)

  • Watch video: Why I Make
  • Discussion questions:
    • What are you afraid of and what helps you to be less afraid?
    • Have you ever been expected to do something?  What did you do different?
    • How does Emily’s work relate to the Butterfly project?
  • Challenge:
    • View the Tool School videos and to make the project if you want or can.