How can you create your own butterfly display?

Display butterflies in your community!

We invite you to display butterflies in your own communities! Please email us a picture of your wheel and let us know how many butterflies you made so we can keep track!

Please also post photos of your butterflies to Instagram, Facebook @butterflyeffectmigration and Twitter @effectmigration so we can track the butterfly displays across the country!

How should I make butterflies?

  • You can make butterflies at home, with your friends, or at school
  • You can sign up to be a Team Captain, and lead a group of your friends, classmates, or community members in making 500-1000 butterflies.
  • You can run a butterfly workshop at your organization or school! Click here for a workshop guide!
  • Ideas on how to make butterflies are available here!
  • Once you’ve made your butterflies, we encourage you to display them (see below) and/or send them to your local elected officials

Sending butterflies to local elected officials

  • Mail or deliver butterflies to your local elected officials.
    • Ask them to remember the migrant children in detention
    • Encourage them to take action to end child detention
  • You can find a list of your Representatives here

How can I display the butterflies?

  • There’s no one way to display your butterfly kaleidoscopes. Some people are hanging butterflies in their windows, and others are hanging wheels from the ceiling. Whatever works for you – the point is to make sure the butterflies are visible!
  • Here’s a picture of one of our display stands – see below for step by step photos on how to build one!

How to make a Butterfly Wheel Stand

Butterflies are being made everywhere!